Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Virgin Tours

Administrator Extraordinaire... Kimberly... has successfully put the finishing touches on the video experience that we're about to go live with. It's a completely serious way of checking out new kelowna real estate, but with a little "tongue in cheek" component to it at the same time. There will be a direct link from our website at www.kelownahome.com as well as being on YouTube. And of course, you'll find it right here!
We're calling it The Virgin Tours... you're first time through a house with me! During the time we've spent creating this, it's been amazing to discover different things on-line. One internet nugget for me, was YouTube.
I've been googling information for a good 5-6 years now (bye bye to 52 encyclopedias!) and always look for the written word. Just recently I've started to search YouTube for instructions or info that I can SEE. It's very easy and easy to retain more of the information.
Wow... it makes me shake my head in wonder to remember that when I started in Real Estate 23 years ago (I was 15), I drove around with a roll of quarters (dimes would really date me) for the pay phone while I was working.
How do you use the internet? Are you a YouTuber, Facebooker, or is Twitter your social media of choice?
Talk to you soon...
PS I'll keep you posted to when we go LIVE!

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