Monday, January 18, 2010

New Disclosure Statements for Kelowna real estate

Each year our forms for buying and selling Kelowna real estate are updated and I see this year there is a new question on the Property Disclosure Statement that sellers would fill out when putting their home up for sale. The question asks if the home has a current "EnerGuide" rating. That's great to see that line of thinking.
People are becoming more and more green in their homes and I think a lot of people don't realize there are substantial rebates and grants available when looking to build and/or upgrade your home. Check out this link for information on how you can get your home rated and apply for some of these grants and rebates.

There is also some other informative links at my Green Kelowna Real Estate Site.

We installed geothermal heating when we built and received a rebate of almost $2,000 as well as a rebate close to $1,000 for our "EnerGuide" windows. There really are some great incentives to put green in our real estate! Are you considering going green as an option?
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