Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The TOP 10 list for Kelowna real estate

And now for something completely different... Here`s the top 10 craziest things that have happened to me over the last 24 years of being a real estate agent in Kelowna.

10. My brand new car phone getting zapped by lightening on the 2nd day I owned it.
9. Having my cell phone, stored between my car seats, accidentally dial up a seller who could hear us talking about their house... that we`d just been through.
8. Having to ask a busker to loan me a dime to make a call (before cell phones!). He did, and I paid him back later.
7. Having someone try quite persistently to kiss me during a listing presentation.
6. Sending a text full of love, hugs and kisses to a new client instead of my daughter. Very embarassing mistake.
5. Locking my lock box key INSIDE a house after I had locked it up.
4. Having my slip fall off during a tour of someone`s house.
3. Showing a house to a client who happened to be a police officer, right after the seller had smoked pot.
2. Calling a buyer with a counter-offer, explaining the whole thing, only to be told I had the wrong number.
1. Showing a home at a pre-arranged time, only to get to the master bedroom and realize the sellers forgot about that pre-arranged time, and had come home for a nooner! YIKES.

Talk to you soon...


  1. Thanks for sharing... it makes you realize we all go through things that we think only happen to us! Keep it real!

  2. Thanks for your comment. I had a couple chuckles myself remembering these things... yes, it's not all glamorous!! Take care. Paige