Sunday, June 14, 2009

How long does it take to buy a house?

I'm working with some sellers right now who have been great! They keep their house spotless, try their best to accomodate all showings and to top it off, are listed at a great price.
Recently a buyer looked at this house one day, wrote an offer the second, countered on the third, countered on the fourth, and are still thinking about it on the fifth!
It's so interesting to see different negotiating tactics in the world of real estate. Some people are stoically firm, sweet and accommodating, indifferent, and sometimes even panicked. In my experience, the folks that take days to come to decisions, are the least successful and the reasons involve pure psychology.
Excitement level diminishes considerably which opens the door for indifference, stress, and sometimes even hostility between buyer and seller. Sellers want to feel good about someone moving into "their house" and creating good memories. Buyers of course, want to feel like they're getting the best price possible.
How do you think you'd act in the sellers or buyers shoes?
I'll keep you posted to how this negotiation goes.
Talk to you soon.

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