Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some interesting tid-bits

I wrote an offer recently for a house in Shannon Lake, West Kelowna. This house backed the landfill which was fine with the buyer because he thought the landfill was closing soon... as did I. Off we went to do our homework...
We were shocked to find out the details. The landfill isn't in fact closing anytime soon. According to the RDCO documents on-line it may not close until 2013, but probably 2010. Also, once the garbage part of it closes, it will become a transfer station (where areas like Peachland bring their garbage to load into bins that will be transferred elsewhere) as well as a re-cycling depot! Needless to say, we collapsed the offer.
Some people think I'm too picky about my information gathering... this is a perfect example of why it's so important to dig deep (no pun intended!)
This same buyer got involved in a dual offer situation last night for one of the coolest houses I've seen in a long time! We came up with a strong strategy, pulled out all the stops, and WON out over the other buyer! Off we go to do our homework...
Talk to you soon.

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