Monday, October 5, 2015

10 Halloween "Life Hacks"

Thinking about decorating for Halloween? Here are some easy and fabulous "life hacks" to help take the "trick" out of decorating your house and turn it into a treat. Forget pumpkins, turn milk jugs into laterns with the help of Christmas lights, glow sticks or a head lamp. (Also gives you a jump start on detangling your xmas lights)

Punch bowl for the party? Carve out a pumpkin and drop a bowl inside

Vampire pumpkins, why not, candy teeth or fangs from the dollar store with pin eyes do the trick.

How do you keep pumpkins looking great....floor cleaner does the trick to preserve them.

Glow in the dark pumpkins and a little masking tape, make for a scary combination. 

Cute and easy way to decorate pumpkins, knee high stalkings!

Make holes with a power drill for a decorative effect.

Coloured glow sticks are a great option for kids and a safe alternative to candles.

Use a pin or nail to trace marks into pumpkins.

Use a mallet and a cookie cutter for fast, sharp and effective shapes or eyes. Dry erase markets are easier then permanent markers, as mistakes are easy to fix. Cut the top and side out of the pumpkin for easy candle installation.

Turn a pumpkin into a Keg.

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