Monday, October 5, 2015

The Benefits of

Walk-in Bath and Shower Units
Once perceived as a health-care necessity reserved for those with restricted mobility, easy - access bathtubs and shower units are becoming more common. With a number of features that can rival or outshine those of traditional bathtubs and shower units, walk-in tub and shower units are now seen by many homeowners as an added benefit, and a worthwhile household investment. In addition to offering a safe and easy low-step entry, the latest versions also feature contoured, slip resistant seats with adjustable shower-head locations, backrests and handles. Plus a number of manufacturers and installer offer water temperature controls, hydro-therapeutic water jets, and custom sizing services (e.g. round, square, corner, compact, oversized etc.). Of course, safety, comfort and independence will remain the primary benefits to many consumers - priorities that will become more in demand as the baby-boomer generation enters its senior years.

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